Ravitz Editor Win32

Ravitz Editor is distributed without charge and this version is full function. Ravitz Editor is provided as is. There are no warranties expressed or implied.

Ravitz Editor Win32 is a new version of my old DOS editors, Lite Editor and Ravitz Editor. It is compiled with Free Pascal, currently for Win32 only. RE has a number of features that I am unable to find in other text editors (this is the reason that I updated it to Win32), but it is missing function that other editors include.

Ravitz Editor works well under Wine on Linux. It includes an INI file option to let you use "/" for file paths instead of "\".

Cary Ravitz
ravitz_at_ravitz.us   (replace _at_ with @)


Ravitz Editor is implemented as three portable files - re.exe, re.ini, and re.hlp. Copy these into any folder that is in the system path.

raved.zip v1.10

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